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Sometimes I make theatre from the outside, which is usually in a director/dramaturg/extra eye type role.

A selection of past, present & future projects of this kind:

For full tour dates, lists of collaborators, partners & more information for these productions just click on the titles.

Land Behind The Curtain; JES (Stuttgart, Germany)

Photo Credit Philipp Nicolai

r u there? we r here; British Council, Gogolfest & Teatromanyia (Mariupol, Ukraine)

STILL FLOATING; Hugh Hughes & Hoipolloi (UK)

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 17.45.59.png

Other collaborators I have worked with like this include: Teatro 4Garoupas (Cologne/Berlin, Germany), Gemma Barnett (UK), YESYESNONO (UK), Second Circle  (UK), Invisible Ensemble (UK), Richard Katz (UK), HopSkip Productions R&D (UK), Camden People's Theatre R&D (UK)

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