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For / under ThisEgg:

motherEarth international& then everything just-DISMANTLE, The Family Sex Show, motherEarth, dressed.Me & My BeeUNCONDITIONALGoggles

Producing for others in some way, shape or form:

For full tour dates, lists of collaborators, partners & more information for these productions just click on the titles.

PROJECT PRODUCER; Complicité 2023

RODUCER; Hoipolloi’s ‘The Duke’ 2016, Larisa Faber's Stark Bollock Naked 2020-21 (maternity                                 cover)
ASSISTANT PRODUCER; theTEAM's (New York) ‘RoosevElvis’ at The Royal Court Theatre 2015

PRODUCING ASSISTANT; Gecko’s ‘Time of your Life’ (BBC), 'Missing', 'Institute'

EMERGING PRODUCER; British Council Development Programme 2017


Photo Credit Richard Haughton for Gecko's Institute


Photo Credit Robert Golden for Gecko's Missing


the TEAM's RoosevElvis


the TEAM's RoosevElvis


Hoipolloi's The Duke

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