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Staging Change
I was co-director at Staging Change; a network of artists & venues moving towards a generally greener industry.
We closed down in 2022. You can read more about that here.
Sometimes we got lucky and were asked to make things under Staging Change too:

HOMEmakers commission; SPRING, and audio visual installation.

Collaboration with David Shearing; Sustainable Matter, an audio walk and seminar.



Theatre Green Book

Made from years of thinking, research & advocacy by many a pioneering organisation, theatre, theatre company & individual; a theatre green book.

Here it is, just for you.

Recently, Eleanor Warr and me co-wrote a Digital, Hybrid & Filmed Work Toolkit for the Theatre Green Book. That is here.


Environmental Sustainability Reports


Josie and Ellie here.

Over the last couple of years we have worked together on bringing environmental sustainability into the consciousness of our making and producing process. We have done this for two ThisEgg (Me & My Bee and motherEarth international) projects. We have written some reports on how it went, how it could have gone better and everything in between. These reports are in part data, in part offering possible working methods, in part rambling thoughts and in part a formal commitment to be held accountable on. 

The Me & My Bee report focuses on sustainable touring. It touches on marketing too. The motherEarth international report is more on and around green(ish) remote international collaboration.

Both mention film work, but this is in no way our expertise. None of this is, but, we want to share what we have been up to in case anyone can find something useful (or somehow comforting) in them.

You can find the Me & My Bee report here.
You can find the motherEarth international report here.

Use them as (or if) you wish.


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