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We are the Womxn Artists Workers Union (WAWU). We are all freelance artists. For the last twenty two months we have been meeting around the full moon for a Womxn’s Circle. Until now it has always been in one of our living rooms, on a beach, or in a park.

It feels like there are more womxn who have support to give and get.

We are wanting to find a bigger space to do this.

We want to support the creative, physical, mental and financial growth of freelance female artists. We want to do this by listening to each other, uninterrupted. It's that simple! Womxn have been doing it for centuries. We have found it really works.

We ask for a £3 donation towards the cost of running our circle but if this feels unworkable please get in touch. We will not turn anyone away.

We would love to see you there.


Upcoming events:

Watch this space.

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